FEC visits KrisLab

Published on 26 Nov 2019

Singapore’s Future Economy Council (FEC) comes calling at KrisLab for a first-hand view of how SIA is embracing digital innovation and new technologies in many aspects of its business.

Where can one go to get some quick insights into the future of the airline industry?

Where else but KrisLab? And that was where Singapore’s Future Economy Council (FEC) went on 25 November to get a rundown on the latest technologies and digital trends in the industry.

Led by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat and comprising representatives from the government, industry, unions, and educational and training institutions, the FEC drives the growth and transformation of Singapore’s economy.

The SIA Group Sports Club was the location for the latest meeting of the FEC, and its members were hosted by SIA Chairman Peter Seah, CEO Goh Choong Phong, Executive Vice President Commercial Mak Swee Wah and other members of the senior management team as they toured the digital lab.

Mr Goh also briefed the FEC members on SIA’s key strategic initiatives and its embrace of digitalisation, new technologies and sustainability to spur its continued success into the future.

The walk-through tour showcased a host of innovative digital initiatives, giving the visitors a ring-side view of how SIA was leveraging virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Internet of Things to enhance customer experience, achieving operational excellence, and how staff were embracing concepts such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, design thinking and Agile methodology for increased efficiency, productivity and developing new businesses.

Many FEC members were impressed with the range of innovative activities on show.

“I’m very happy to see that with the digitalisation trend and with the changes in technology, you are making a great effort to bring together all these different trends to meet the needs of customers (and) the needs of your staff,” said Mr Heng.

He also noted that KrisLab was not only “experimenting with a whole range of different applications” but also bringing staff from various departments together to think about “how we can use innovation and technology to provide an even higher level of service”.

Mr Heng specially mentioned the staff-inspired Colour Me Magic app, describing it as “very imaginative and creative”. The soon-to-be launched augmented reality app for children will allow them to not only colour their favourite characters, but also bring their artistic creations to life in 4D and snap selfies with them.

The digital initiatives were showcased in three themed zones.

  • Driving Open Innovation Through Collaboration: In this zone, FEC members learnt more about KrisLab and how it supports staff in collaborating not only with one another but also with technology leaders, research institutes and startups.

    Showcased were Colour Me Magic (a new dimension of inflight colouring books where children’s coloured characters come to life in 4D), an operational optimiser system being developed for Total Mission Management, and some solutions that emerged through the SIA AppChallenge and Accelerator Programme.

    Snr Exec Learning & Devt Jasmine Oei (second left), along with Snr Technology Devt & Research Analyst Carina Hu, demonstrating Colour Me Magic’s selfie feature to Mr Heng and other guests. Pictures by Kwok Jiaxin, Digital Mktg.
  • Digitalising Core Operations and Exploring New Business: Here, the visitors saw how we have reimagined key operational journeys for pilots, cabin crew, engineers and airport staff with real-time information shared via the ops data grid, along with how we integrate data analytics and AI into day to day business operations achieving new levels of excellence.

    Mobile apps such as W@YF for pilots, BEST for cabin crew, APEX for operational ground staff and SMARTMX for SIAEC’s aircraft maintenance engineers shared the showcases together with Engineering Division’s predictive maintenance dashboard. We shared our strategy on data analytics and AI, focusing on the adoption of the technology into business through automated AI model learning and deployment platform KrisML and the reusable AI platform KrisNLP. Used across several initiatives, including data governance, customer insights, social media monitoring and information retrieval, KrisNLP allows AI models to be to quickly brought to production. Both KirsML and KirsNLP are developed in house by our data analytics team in ITD.

    Also showcased were new business models and ventures enabled by technology such as Cargo’s Parxl, our upcoming lifestyle ecosystem that originated with KrisPay and lastly, KrisShop.

    Cargo Mgr E-Commerce Logistics Josephine Zhuo explaining to guests the features of the new cargo product Parxl. SVP Cargo Chin Yau Seng is at second right. Picture by Hermann Tan, Cabin Crew
  • Enabling a Future-Ready Workforce: This zone focused on people, to get our workforce future ready with training and upskilling. It offered insights into new development programmes that leverages data, virtual reality and immersive technologies to equip staff with new-economy tools and skillsets.

    The showcase featured 1SQ (our employee app to access key company information and self-service functions on the go), the winning idea from SIA Group Data Challenge, technology-enabled crew training, Sales Force Effectiveness programme (one of our key initiatives in our Transformation journey, with the aim of enabling our global sales force to be more effective), Customer Feedback Analytics as well as SIA Engineering Company’s Driving Simulator to train airport drivers and VR-based aircraft maintenance training.

    AM Cabin Crew Learning & Devt Sharmaine Neo explaining to FEC members how SIA applies interactive digital solutions in cabin crew training. Picture by Eric Ong, Cabin Crew.